“Our cleaning company uses the Mesdi mop during its everyday work, it is very useful for example at HVAC cleaning, when dusting the store house floors and also to keep the hallways clean. At HVAC cleaning we cannot use the industrial vacuum cleaner because it is high and we cannot reach it by the hose. The mop is good for this purpose too because it fits the tight places and we finish in short time.”

(Cleaning company of Székesfehérvár)

“I like the mops because they sweep the crumbs, collect the dust and make the waxed tile floors shiny. (…) The dust rugs are good because the dust sticks to it and it does not fly all over in the air.”

(Reformed Church Community of Budapest-Gazdagrét)

“I have been using the mop since several years, for me it is very comfortable, fast and practical: it makes my work easier. (…) After its use the surface becomes clean, shiny, so cleaning is visible too. After use, it is easy to clean it. I use it every day! I can only applaud it!”

(Juhász Ferencné cleaner, Dream Clean Hungary 2002 Kft.)

“The Mesdi can be contacted all the time, they answer the phone. If they promise to call me back, they do so. If transportation is to be done on a holiday, they are flexible regarding the date.”

(Reformed Church Community of Budapest-Gazdagrét)

“I like it because I can clean the floor among the rows very fast, and it collects the dust on the stage very well from the black surface. I can use it in the hallway on the laminate floor or on the linoleum, simply everywhere.”

(Szojka Ferencné, Karinthy Theater)

“It is very good in special environment too because it is easy to use: it leaves no stripes, it is easy to clean with and the floor is nice after it! This is the best!”

(Cifra Katalin, Mega Clean 2001. Kft)