Why should you choose the Mesdi impregnated red mop?

  • It is suitable for all kinds of floors
  • It is easy and comfortable to use
  • The mops are in perfect condition even after two weeks
  • It is a tool designed for professional use, for professional users
  • There is no need to sweep or mop the floor before this mop is used
  • Cleaning by smaller effort
  • Clean and shiny floor by pushing the mop only once
  • Cost effective and time saving cleaning
  • You can save by it in procurement and storage
  • You can clean and do maintenance by minimal cost
  • We make the mop available anywhere, where the customer needs it
  • The mops can be purchased in different sizes, which suit the different needs
  • The ergonomically designed bar makes the use of the tool easy, this way avoiding the unpleasant positions
  • No risk of slipping because no water is used, no drying time is needed, the floor can be used immediately
A vörös Mop előnyei