Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy the mop?

No. The mop is available in Hungary and abroad in form of a service, so it can only be rented.

For which surface is the mop used?

For all surfaces, except carpet: stone, marble, granite sheet, parquet, wooden floor, Swedish flooring, wainscotings, stainless steel columns.

How is it possible to reach the lowest cleaning cost and 50% labor force saving?

We reduce the two phases of traditional cleaning (dry sweeping and wet moping with chemicals) to one phase, so all square meters are cleaned in half time, so human labor force is reduced to its half too. Since no water or chemicals are needed, the expenses are less too.

How many square meters can be cleaned by one mop in two weeks?

Due to its specially designed and placed fibers and to the impregnation agent, the mop works on the last day of the two weeks period as well as on the first day. If we consider surfaces with average amount of dirt, one mop can clean according to the following:

  • Mop Ref.18. (46 cm) – 3.000 m2
  • Mop Ref. 24. (61 cm) – 4.000 m2
  • Mop Ref. 30. (76 cm) – 5.000 m2
  • Mop Ref. 42. (107 cm) – 7.000 m2

How is it possible to note that the mop cannot clean any more surfaces?

The original bright red color of the mop becomes grey as it is being used, and afterwards it becomes black. The change of color starts from the end of the mop fibers and it goes inward because the mop absorbs the dirt. When even the roots of the fibers are black, it means the mop is full. This is the time we recommend you to replace the mop.

Is the cleaned surface slippery?

Not at all. So there is no risk of accident, which in case of traditional mopping with water is such a big problem. After cleaning, you can step on the floor immediately, the recently cleaned area should not be enclosed and therefore no area restriction is needed. There is no drying period either.

Is it possible to vacuum the mops?

Yes. At the end of the day, you can take out the dirt from the surface of the mop by hand or by mild, low speed vacuum cleaning you can increase the cleaning capacity of the mop to a great extent.

In which health care areas can it be used?

Due to its excellent disinfectant feature and use without water, except the surgery room and other sterile places (where the floor has to be cleaned by special disinfectant agent), it is very good to keep clean all health care institute rooms: hallways, halls, staircases, sick rooms, wards, doctor rooms etc.

Is it possible to use in wet rooms?

It is not recommended to use in kitchens, toilets, swimming pools, or at places where bigger wet surface is to be kept clean because the mop is a dry cleaner. The impregnation agent does not like the water either because the water dissolves it and ruins its efficiency.

What makes the cleaned floor sparkling?

The worldwide protected, licensed impregnation agent produced by the Dust-Tex company contains paraffin oil that assures the shiny sparkling of the surfaces as a natural material, in a natural way.

Is it possible to use the mop to remove sticky dirt?

No. Sugared soft drinks poured on the floor and other sticky, stubborn dirt should be removed by the traditional technique, or by using special agents depending on the nature of the stain (alcoholic diluent, etc.).

Is it possible to use the mop for cleaning after painting or for major clean ups?

It is not suitable to clean the whitewash or paint stains, because the water based paints can be dissolved by water. Though the floor made paint-free can be made stain free and sparkling by the mop. In case of major clean up, we recommend a similar method.

Does the mop have an unpleasant odor due to the impregnation agent?

No. The mop has a fresh, moderate lemon scent.

Does the cleaning power and efficiency reduce in course of the two weeks use?

The special impregnation that we use for the mop guarantees that it works according to the norms of the Mesdi Dust-Tex, it cleans and disinfects on the same level.